There was no doubt in the mind of the nations a savior was coming into the world to save it from its rebellion. It was a common expectation among all the nations and empires to have risen upon the earth. The nations have demonstrated their expectation for a savior when they appointed kings to rule over them, kings they glorified as their savior.

But unlike Jesus who was the eternal king, they were disappointed upon news their king was either defeated or have fallen in battle. These appointed saviors were no more than mortal men; however, the nations were not turned away from the expected promise of a savior who was to come into the world to redeem mankind. And going about life with unwavering faith and the expectation of a savior, the nations carry on with their search until Jesus came along.

Nevertheless, there was a problem at this point in history because with so many men coming to power claiming the title of savior and failing to show they were able to deliver up an eternal kingdom, Jesus had the challenge of proving he was indeed the promise of God.

It was indeed, a great challenge for Jesus, he was God in human flesh, but the people had heard that message before, and have seen the miracles performed in battles by great men who had defeated their enemies only to fall victim to the grave. And with so many failing kings preceding Christ proclaiming themselves to be the Messiah, Jesus had the challenge of proving he can survive death unlike those before him.

In the eyes of the people, Jesus was just another prophet performing miracles. They’ll listen to him, but with a watchful eye, to see, if he was truly the Messiah. The nations and people are willing to accept the Messiah when he comes; however, their expectations of who the Messiah should be was the barrier standing before them.

But in order for the nations to believe so they may stand on the authority of God, they’ll need to see Jesus not as a prophet, and for the nations to receive God’s promise, they must accept the Son of God. God had promised he would, “Pour out his spirit upon all flesh; upon our sons, daughters, and old men. And receiving the promise of God, we would prophesy in his name.

However, for the people and disciples of Jesus to enter the promise of God, they must understand and know who Jesus is. For it’s knowing who Jesus is, will allow us and the nations to present ourselves to Christ having the right attitude toward God so we might effectively and openly receive God’s kingdom.

It was for this reason Jesus asked the important question as to who the people say he was, and upon hearing the response of his disciples, Jesus then asked them the question directly so as to bring to light what they know about him and who they believed him to be. Because knowing who Jesus is was the key and access to God’s kingdom the gift Jesus came to offer all who will believe.

Isaiah 9:7 Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even forever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.

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Christian author, blogger, and founder of Spectacle for Christ Ministries a Bible commentary, and teaching ministry.

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Christian author, blogger, and founder of Spectacle for Christ Ministries a Bible commentary, and teaching ministry.

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